Can I get Student Car Insurance without a Black Box?

If you’re off to university you might be thinking about how you’re going to lug all of your stuff to halls, and how you’re going to get back to your hometown for weekend visits. Therefore, you might be thinking about purchasing a car for university, especially if you’re able to apply for financial assistance to do so. Many students seeking Car insurance will no doubt have seen the array of Car insurance options for students and young drivers in general – including Black Box insurance. However, many students at university might not be suited for a Black Box policy and will want to look at options for Car insurance without black box.

Long Journeys Aren’t Always Best for Black Box Insurance

A lot of Young Driver policies that include a black box prefer the drivers not to drive on long journeys, which is why some students are seeking Car insurance without black box. A student driver may be faced with higher rates due to the types of journeys they do. Usually a student driver will often undertake the long journeys back to their home towns, as it makes financial sense to do so. However, those student divers who are considering whether to submit an application for a student driver policy should be assured that regular and well-timed breaks in long journeys usually offsets the negativity surrounding a long journey.

Night Time Curfews Could Restrict the Student Driver

Long hours logged in the university library can mean your average student driver doesn’t leave campus until the early hours of the morning, on some nights at least. In these cases, having a car at university not only makes financial sense, but it’s practical too. Be careful though! Some Young Driver insurance without a black box policies can restrict the hours a student driver or young driver can drive, and so students seeking Car insurance should make sure they know the rules and restrictions of their policy before buying. However, when looking for good rates for Car insurance many a student driver will discover that most decent insurance companies don’t have curfews for their young driver policies.

Is Student Driver Insurance Expensive Without A Black Box?

For most drivers, getting black box insurance for young drivers isn’t going to make financial sense unless they have had an application for a grant approved, and therefore have more financial assistance than they need. Your average student driver often ends up living in an area that’s not great for car insurance, and therefore any reduction in the price of a Car insurance policy can be a great help. Many Car insurance companies apply a significant discount to Young Driver insurance premiums when a black box is installed in the car. Therefore, it makes no financial sense to go without a black box.

Benefits of Black Box Insurance

Not only can going without a Black box increase the price of your Young Driver insurance, you will also miss out on the untold benefits of having a black box. Not only does a black box help lower the price of your insurance as a student driver, the black box itself can also act as a tracker. So, if your car is stolen the black box can be used to locate where the vehicle is. Furthermore, the information the black box collects about your driving can be crucial to improving your driving skills. You’ll be getting unbiased data about the way you drive allowing you to cut out any bad habits before they set in.


When you apply for university, you will also be applying for places in halls or the like and you may then get a better idea of your financial status as a student. For most, this will mean no car, but for those that can afford a car at university it won’t necessarily mean Car insurance without a black box. The benefits of having a Young Driver insurance policy that includes a black box are clear, furthermore you will usually save money on your Student Driver insurance by having a telematics device fitted in your car; money which could be better spent at the student union bar.