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OLS: A Turn Key Model. Adults with cognitive disabilities in multiple communities across the nation are often under educated, unemployed or under employed.  Some individuals attempt community college and drop out after being unsuccessful.  Others are moving from one low paying job to another usually because the work culture is not understood.  Many are living at home with families unsure of the next steps in life.  OLS could be the answer!


This program gives adults with cognitive disabilities the opportunity to earn an associate degree, achieve gainful employment, and become self-sufficient contributing citizens.  It is the only program of it's kind in the nation and the outcomes are exemplary. Graduation employment rate is at 85%, compared to the national average of 26% with similar disabilities.  OLS at Bellevue College is  recognized nationally as a best-practice program and wants to share this success by working with like-minded entrepreneurial institutions to replicate OLS on their college campus.    


NorthWest Arkansas Community College to be the first college to replicate OLS

NorthWest Arkansas Community College is the first college to replicate OLS.  Their biggest hurdle yet, differential tuition, was approved unanimously by the Board of Trustees on November 10. Dr. Gates stated, “The Board expressed great interest in the program and any reservations about the cost were outweighed by the compelling need in the community.  At the same time, we remain aware of the very real challenges the tuition rate may present to some families.  To that end, we will be working to make sure all interested students and parents know that admitted students who meet federal financial aid criteria (need) will be eligible for federal financial aid because they are “degree seeking” students. We will continue exploring other options to make sure cost is not a prohibitive factor for students in the program.”
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Where should OLS be next?

Are you a potential student, parent, educator or professional that would like OLS to be replicated in your area? Please send us an e-mail including where you are located and why OLS would be a great addition in your area of the country.  Your requests will assist us in locating the next higher education institution to replicate OLS! OLSNational@bellevuecollege.edu